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Been Academically and Athletically Proficient

Contracted Players

Brendan Tieu
William Liang
Austin Yu

The first Australian organization to provide full training sponsorships for elite players partnered with the scholar exchange program from Beiijing Sport University.



Won a majority of NSW badminton youth champion titles in the year

Formed the Australian badminton development centre and built the partnership with Guangzhou sport institute through the scholar exchange platform.



Developed the technology for badminton training assessment, founded the skill committee and appointed Lu Lan (2005 WS World Champion) as chief committee for course design

Gong Zhichao (2000 Olympic WS Champion). Wang zhangming (Youth World Champion), Yang Kang (ex National Team Coach) and Xie Xin (Li-ning Marketing Senior Manager) joined the committee and started building of the QTS training and assessment system



The first QTS training and assesessent system coaching lesson held in Guangzhou City

Partnered with Dr Daniel and research team (University of Sydney) to start using big data and high speed camera system in badminton training assessment.



QTS Changsha coach lesson held and piloted 2 trial centres (Hongshan badminton school, Wuhan and Zhiben badminton centre Changsha) for QTS testing and data collection centre.

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Cost effective always the goal and value to build up the club and membership.

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Monday – Sunday: 10am – 11pm

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