Badminton Research & Development Center

Guided by Australia Badminton Development Center (ABDC), we focus on badminton skills research and development, use digital tools to assist and strengthen our training programs

Quality Training System (QTS) Patented training system using a structured approach to monitor and assess the development of players with 6 key focus areas:


  • Badminton Simulation Fitness
  • Skill Clinic
  • Training Recovery & Nutrition
  • Strategy Analysis with Logical Thinking
  • Training & Tournament Counselling
  • Progress monitoring

Technology Driven System and Tools: 

  • Digital software to monitor and
    analyse movements.

  • Precisely tracks and identifies
    the strength, weakness, and provides improvements.

  • Data driven analysis allows structured training programs.

Skilled Committee Members

  • Leading professionals in their fields make up our committee which oversees ABDC’s program and provides their expert advice on all aspects including training, technology, and analysis. 

Strategic & Academic Partner

Guangzhou Sport University

  • Founded in 1956
  • Over 8000 Students
  • Leading university in sport education
  • Multiple world champions and gold medallists

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Cost effective always the goal and value to build up the club and membership.

Working Hours:

Monday – Sunday: 10am – 11pm

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